This Week in Senegal

photos and text by Mamadou Goudiaby

In Senegal, the MACEPA team has been busy with community engagement and treatment. Listening during community dialogues helps MACEPA understand how people are receiving and understanding information about malaria. It helps correct mistakes or misunderstandings and educate people so that they can fight malaria themselves.

senegal MM3.jpg

A Focal Drug Administration investigation in a household. This household had more than 50 people living in it and it took one hour to treat the whole family.

Senegal MM5.jpg
senegal MM 1.jpg

A Directly Observed Treatment administration of malaria treatment for children under five

senegal MM4.jpg

Mamadou presenting an illustrated book for Community Health Workers on what they need to know about malaria

senegal MM6.jpg

Mamadou (middle) sitting between a mosque leader and a community village leader following a community dialogue organized in Oudalay, one of the three most highly ranked incidence health posts in the Ranérou area of Senegal. The community dialogue took place in the health facility and brought together religious community leaders, representatives of women’s groups, nurses, and Community Health Workers.

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